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Preorder your NEW KAKU KAYAK WAHOO for $999 regular price $1099 this is for a limited time.

The new Wahoo boasts a 12.5′ long by 33″ wide incredibly stable design. With a roomy open cockpit design, including adjustable foot pegs and aluminum top load gear tracks, you'll have full control guide this highly versatile yak to your local fishing hole. The lightweight aluminum frame seat will keep you comfortable while you fish and the the rear tie down system will keep your gear secure for that "Big One!"
The new Wahoo is rudder and micro power pole ready (not included), so feel free to customize after purchase.
Colors are not yet shown as an option on this product, but you will be able to specify your color when purchase is available.

The 12.5′ length of the Wahoo helps ensure stability

The Wahoo spans 33″ wide, great for fishing!

Weighing only 74 lbs, the Wahoo is lightweight, but incredibly stable

The Wahoo has a capacity of 400lbs

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