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VPA 2-Blade 1 1/8" Single Bevel Right Broadheads

VPA 2-Blade 1 1/8" Single Bevel Right Broadheads

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Bringing you the VPA Single Bevel 2-Blade CTS (Carbon Tool Steel) broadhead. These have the same flight and penetration characteristics as our Premium Single Bevel broadheads, except the CTS version is now offered as a less expensive option.


Instead of the Premium Grade Steel and the OD Green Duracote finish, these CTS versions are precision CNC-machined from High Carbon Tool Steel and have a Black Oxide coating to give them protection from the elements. These are heat-treated up to 54 Rockwell. The ferrule supports the head all the way to the bone splitting tip.


The VPA Single Bevel line of broadheads have ideal blade thickness, extensive Single Bevels (35 degree blade angles), and edges that can achieve a razor sharp cut perfect for any style of hunt.

Based on the recommendations of the Ashby Foundation, their straight angular shape has an edge over curved heads as well as provide an easy long term maintenance for the product with regards to sharpening and honing the product.


Take advantage of the single bevel edge that helps with continued head momentum and penetration.


Right Bevel only.


Note: Always match right bevel with right helical vanes/feathers. Broadheads come “field” sharpened. Final sharpening is recommended prior to hunting.

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