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VPA 3-Blade 1 1/4" Vented Broadheads

VPA 3-Blade 1 1/4" Vented Broadheads

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VPA 3-Blade Broadheads are rock solid and machined with precision to give you perfect flight every time.


Machined from Carbon Tool Steel, the ferrule supports the head all the way to the bone-splitting tip. Based on the recommendations of the Ashby Foundation, their straight angular shape has an edge over curved heads.


VPA 3-blades are hardened to 50 Rockwell and coated in Black Oxide, making them durable enough to withstand any hunting conditions.


No weld lines or brazing, combined with the pyramid-style chiseled points give them superior strength and blood trails.


Compatible with all bow and arrow combinations. Easy to maintain as they are engineered to lay flat on a sharpening stone for a quick sharpen, clean up, and reuse. 


Put VPA 3-Blade Broadheads in your quiver and experience the difference!

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