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Precision Tiller Bolts

Precision Tiller Bolts

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I found a trend in the industry in less than ideal tolerances when it comes to limb-to-tiller bolt interface, this results in inconsistent limb alignment and larger groups down range. I found that a higher quality and more precisely machined tiller bolt made tuning my bow easier and gets me better groups down range due to many factors! 


  • Currently Available to Fit 2009+ (GMX and Newer) Hoyt Risers including the 2009+ Hunting/"Trad" Risers
  • Precision Machined to .001" Tolerances, our .375" bolts are .374-.375" and our .380" bolts measure .379-.380" guaranteed! 
  • Laser Engraved Indicators for Easier and More Consistent Tuning
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • 44 Grams | 1.56 oz per Bolt
  • Available in Multiple Sizes for Optimal Limb Fitment
  • Price listed is For a Pair of Bolts


What Size Do You Need?

If you measure the inside diameter of the base (fork/butt) of the limb where the Tiller Bolt goes with a set of calipers, find the smallest measurement possible inside the base of the limbs and order sizes accordingly;


  • Order .375" bolt for any limb measuring .3765" or under
  • Order .380" bolt for any limb measuring .377" and over


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