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1. Applying high-strength and high elasticity carbon

The X-CORE Limb is made using high-strength, high-elasticity carbon made by applying MK’s advanced and specialized carbon processing technique. And hard-maple wood is optimized for carbon to increase elasticity and improve the arrow speed and concentration.

2. Add a layer of carbon for improvement limb stability

To improve stability while maintaining high performance, we added a layer of carbon to the X-CORE limb. This added carbon layer strictly holds the limb to prevent twists and makes them much more stable for aiming and shooting.
Also, we applied a new raw material combination ratio that is different from the existing limb to enable much smoother shooting than the existing limb.

3. Minimize the air resistance Prevent modification by sunlight

The X-CORE limb tip is designed sleek to reduce the air resistance while shooting. And a painting process is added to the limb outside to reflect sunlight when the product is exposed to the sun, preventing minimal modification by sunlight.


ILF / F-series

Wood core, carbon

Matt Finish

Short (66″) / Medium (68″) / Long (70″)

available in 32 to 48 Ibs. In 2 Ib, increments

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